Stay Fresh

A new way to keep your threads fresh.

Fresh Threads is a drawer freshener infused with a clean, crisp, just-laundered scent.

Simply place one in each drawer or on each shelf in your armoire. Hang it in your locker or slip one in your gym bag. Pop them in your luggage to keep your threads fresh–no matter where your travels take you.

  • Each pack contains 3 fresheners, individually wrapped.
  • 4.25" diameter, printed double-sided on heavy fragrance blotter paper.
  • Will last 2-3 weeks, depending on conditions.

Three new scents all dressed up.

Introducing three beautifully layered scents that embody freshness.

They are unisex, suitable for any age and come in colorful fabric patterns. Make sure to visit us regularly–we have new collections up our sleeve.


Bright. Zesty. Fresh.


Breezy. Blooming. Fresh.


Radiant. Woodsy. Fresh.
Each pack contains 3 fresheners, individually wrapped.

Easy, practical and portable.

  • Place Fresh Threads on top or between clothes–will not stain your delicates.
  • Remove the perforated disc to hang it anywhere.
  • They are a clean, modern alternative to messy potpourri sachets.
  • Unlike scented drawer liners, there is no measuring, cutting, or adhesive involved.
  • Bring them along on your vacation or weekend getaways to freshen up stale hotel drawers.

Smartly designed, they make a cool gift.

  • Bring them as a house warming gift.
  • Place them in gift bags at your next big party.
  • Give them away as bridal and baby shower favors.
  • Wish a friend bon voyage!
  • Drop a few in your kids' college care package.
  • Use them as giveaways and swag gifts for business promotions.
  • Spread holiday cheer as a stocking stuffer or as a "Secret Santa" gift.

Environmentally responsible.

Unlike other fresheners on the market, Fresh Threads is entirely a paper product, fully and easily recyclable. A clever perforation allows you to hang it virtually everywhere, without adding secondary materials like strings, cords or plastic hooks, which require additional processing at the time of recycling. It was designed with a clear intention to minimize waste by repurposing it and extending its life cycle after the scent has faded–please check out the hand-me-down page for some ideas.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Fresh Threads is designed in NYC and produced in the USA, using the highest quality essential oils and ingredients. Manufacturing domestically helps us control the quality of our product, verify the provenance of materials, work closely with our suppliers, and inspect the environment and conditions of the manufacturing facilities. It truly was a team effort and a big thank you goes out to everyone involved.

Stay fresh!